About Us


Elemental Astrology is the best astrology website for online Astrology predictions. With a gigantic pool of 5000+ Vedic astrologers, Tarot readers, Numerologists, Vastu experts and more, Astrotalk lets you connect with these experts and get answers to all your problems.

When using Elemental Astrology, you can trust us for highly accurate, precise and well researched astrological content that would offset most of your worries.


Elemental Astrology brings together astrologers and their boundless knowledge about the occult science of Astrology on one platform and lets you connect with them 24/7. Apart from the best future predictions that help you get through the difficult phase of life, Elemental Astrology also offers Free Live astrology sessions, Daily horoscope, Spiritual store and much more.


At Elemental Astrology, all of the astrologers, along with the support team, work in amalgamation as one family to ensure you the best astrology experience. Whether you are a teen stressing over what career field to choose or an adult facing compatibility issues in marriage, Elemental Astrology helps all find guidance, direction and happiness in life.


Elemental Astrology came into being with an aim to not only keep the ethos of traditional astrology intact but to also amalgamate in it the solutions to modern problems like mental health, stress, depression, etc. With the grace of God, Elemental Astrology, over the years, has not only been able to achieve the aforementioned aim but also add-on to the list of ‘achieved goals’ and continues to do so. Today, with over 5000 astrologers onboard allowing you to talk to the best astrologers, also provides numerous other services like Free live sessions, Daily horoscope and much more.

As Elemental Astrology continues to grow with each passing day, so is growing our potential and urge to offer the best of astrology to our users. We are working to build the world’s largest community of spiritual and wellbeing experts, and we hope you become a part of this journey one prediction at a time.

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