Does retrograde make you tired?

Expect to have more or less energy than you’re used to, particularly of the nervous variety. will either sap you of your usual zest and leave you feeling lethargic, or fill you with chaotic, scattered energy that might have you feeling restless, unfocused and anxious.

Why do I feel so drained astrology?

Astrologers agree that eclipse season is likely the biggest culprit to explain sluggishness right now. “Eclipses are just energetically exhausting times,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. “It’s usually not recommended to focus your energy intently during the eclipses.

Where is Venus right now astrology?

Venus is currently in the constellation of Leo.

Is the moon making me tired?

1. The Full Moon May Disrupt Your REM Phase. If you feel a bit more sleepy, rather than re-energized, then the full moon may still be the culprit, astrology says. “The full moon disrupts the deepest phase of sleep, the REM phase, as the cosmic night light can cause poor sleep quality,” Stardust says.

What signs will be affected by Mercury retrograde 2022?

  • Mercury is going retrograde in the sign of Libra on September 9, 2022.
  • This astrological event will impact the balance you have—or lack—in life.
  • Mercury retrograde will impact all zodiac signs, but Libra, Aries, and Gemini will feel it the most.

How is Mercury retrograde affecting me?

According to Daisy, Mercury being in retrograde could cause huge relationship challenges, such as cheating, betrayal or loss of intimacy. She says: “As this planet appears to retreat, it may feel like it’s all going wrong in your love life, as you bring up issues and arguments from the past.

What planet is in retrograde right now 2022?

In 2022, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates: January 13 to February 3. May 10 to June 2. September 9 to October 1.

What should you not do during Mercury retrograde 2022?

  • Hold off on signing any contracts. Making a big purchase?
  • Be prepared for traffic and other travel mishaps.
  • Avoid situations primed for misunderstandings.
  • Don’t rely on technology.
  • Delete that “U Up?” text from a toxic ex.
  • Refrain from starting anything new.

Can Mercury retrograde cause you to be tired?

It may feel like the world is upside down during Mercury retrograde, and things may feel even crazier if you’re not getting the sleep you need during the retrograde period. But don’t worry— you can still get great sleep even Mercury retrograde has you out of your usual alignment.

What planets will align in 2022?

Planetary alignment on June 24, 2022 Observers will see five planets of the Solar System aligned in the sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. In fact, this will be a seven-planet alignment as Neptune and Uranus will also join the celestial show.

Where is Rahu right now?

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is also known as one of the slow-moving planets after Saturn. Also, its impact is compared to that of Saturn. It takes 1.5 years to transit from one sign and it transits in a retrograde motion. This year Rahu will transit in Aries on 12 April 2022 at 11:18 AM from Taurus.

What Zodiac moon are we in right now?

The current moon phase for today is the Waning Gibbous phase. On this day, the moon is 16.47 days old and 92.83% illuminated with a tilt of -51.427°. The approximate distance from Earth to the moon is 380,318.75 km and the moon sign is Aries. The Moon phase for today is a Waning Gibbous phase.

What is a full moon hangover?

Based on astrology, the uniquely powerful and mood-shifting energy of a full moon may be felt throughout the two weeks between the date of the full moon and the new moon that follows—an emotionally turbulent time that’s often nicknamed a full moon hangover.

Does the moon affect your energy?

Full Moons Can Make You Feel More Anxious The moon is at peak visibility, and it’s forming an intense opposition aspect with the sun during this phase — which can definitely cause us to feel tension. “Because of its intensity, [the full moon] can make us feel anxious, manic, and emotional,” Dr.

Why do I feel so drained on a full moon?

For people who live in big cities with plenty of artificial light, de la Iglesia has another theory: gravity. “What we believe,” he says, “is that as a full moon approaches, we experience a gravitational pull that makes us more sensitive to light stimulation.”

What happens after Mercury retrograde?

During Mercury retrograde, the planet is aspecting the same degrees and signs as it was during the pre-shadow zone. The post-retrograde occurs right when the retrograde ends and happens for two weeks from that date onward.

How long is Mercury in retrograde?

so it should come as no surprise that, from an astrological perspective, we rely pretty heavily on this planet. Three to four times each year, Mercury goes through a three-week long retrograde cycle when the planet appears to stop, pivot, and move backward in the sky.

What does retrograde mean in astrology?

What is ‘retrograde’? In astrology, retrograde describes the apparent backwards movement of a planet. This is because the planet isn’t actually moving backwards – it’s only an illusion. According to NASA, the illusion occurs because of how Earth and other planets orbit the sun.

How do you survive a Mercury retrograde?

  1. COLLECT YOUR WORDS. Through the period of Mercury Retrograde, pause before you speak.

Does Mercury retrograde affect everyone?

“Mercury retrograde is the only event that affects everybody across the board,” Miller tells Vogue. “However, it does affect Virgo and Gemini more because they are ruled by the planet. When Mercury retrogrades, the conditions are changing, but we can’t yet see the direction things are moving in.

Is Mercury retrograde true?

So, though Mercury retrograde is a thing, it is an optical illusion. All the action happens from our vantage point here on Earth. Such a visual trick even occurs on the surface of Mercury itself, with a different celestial object.

Is Venus in retrograde right now 2022?

And this year, 2022, is considered a Venus year because of what the planet of love and relationships has been doing over the last few months. Namely, 2022 kicked off in the middle of a Venus retrograde in Capricorn (a practical and goal-oriented Earth sign).

Are we in a retrograde March 2022?

During March 2022, You Have Exactly 0 Retrogrades To Worry About. Yes, you heard that right. During March, there are no retrogrades to speak of, and because the sun will be moving through spiritual, empathetic, and imaginative Pisces, this month will reward you beyond belief.

What is Jupiter doing right now?

Jupiter is currently in the constellation of Pisces. The current Right Ascension is 00h 21m 10s and the Declination is +00° 32′ 21″.

How to protect yourself from Mercury retrograde 2022?

Surviving Mercury retrograde is pretty simple: Remember to proofread everything, choose your words carefully, avoid signing contracts (or review them extra diligently), back up your data, and plan for travel mishaps.

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