How can I know my Karaka in astrology?

The Sun is the karaka of the lagna, the 9th and the 10th; Jupiter is the karaka of the 2nd, 5th, 10th and the 11th; Mars is the karaka of the 3rd and the 6th; the Moon is the karaka of the 4th; Mercury is the karaka of the 4th and the 10th; Saturn is the karaka of the 6th, 8th, 10th and the 12th and Venus is the karaka …

How many types of Karaka are there?

However, there are mainly two types of karakas in a broader sense. They are House or Bhava karakatwa and Planetary karakatwa.

How do I find my Darakaraka?

How to Find Your Darakaraka. Your Darakaraka is the planet with the lowest degree out of all the 7 Jaimini Chara Karakas. To calculate your Darakaraka find the planet with the lowest degree in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report. This is the planet that represents your spouse, husband for woman, and wife for a man.

Where can I find Putrakaraka planet?

Planet with the 5th highest degree – Moon is Putra-Karaka (Chidren Significator). Planet with the 6th highest degree – Sun is Ghatni-Karaka (Obstacles Significator). Planet with the 7th highest degree – Jupiter is Dara-Karaka (Spouse Significator).

What Karaka is Rahu?

Rahu is a karaka, or indicator, of worldly desire, fame, greed, high intelligence, manipulation, obsessive behavior, foreigners, mass disease, dementia and inertia. The nature of this Graha is Vata, or Airy.

Which is the most powerful yoga in astrology?

Raja yogas based on conjunction/combination of planets The most powerful Raja yoga is produced when, free from the adverse influences of the trika – lords, the lords of the 9th and the 10th or the lords of the 4th and the 5th conjoin in an auspicious sign and bhava.

Can Rahu be a Chara Karaka?

Some people use Rahu as a karaka as it signifies the soul’s desires in this life. Karaka means significators.

How do you know Yogakaraka?

Like, for Cancer Ascendant, 5th house (a Trikona House) has Scorpio sign and 10th house (a Kendra House) has Aries sign. Now, both Scorpio and Aries are ruled by Mars. So, Mars is lord of a Kendra House and Trikona House, hence Mars becomes Yoga Karaka Planet for Cancer Ascendant people.

How can I predict my spouse from my birth chart?

  1. Jupiter or Venus have 2 points or more than 2 points.
  2. 7th house of Navamsa has 2 points or more than 2 points.
  3. 7th house of Navamsa is either aspected or conjunct by any of two benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or Moon).

How do I know my spouse Darakaraka?

You need to identify which one of them has the lowest degree. This planet will be your Darakaraka. It’s not a very complicated process, but feel free to ask questions to the astrologer. The sign and house in your Darakaraka show the type of spouse you will get in the future.

What is my Amatyakaraka?

In a birth chart a planet with the second highest degree except Rahu is called Amatyakaraka. Karakas are a distinct feature in Jaimini astrology. The real meaning of Amatya is companion or follower of the King.

Which planet is Karaka for children?

Since, the fifth house is also known as the house of children it is considered important for determining the child’s birth. Jupiter is the karaka of the fifth house that provides the pleasure of child, respect and wisdom.

What is my Ishta Devata?

Ishta-Deva or Ishta Devata (Sanskrit: इष्ट देवता, iṣṭa-deva(tā), literally “cherished divinity” from iṣṭa, “personal, liked, cherished, preferred” and devatā, “godhead, divinity, tutelary deity” or deva, “deity”), is a term used in Hinduism denoting a worshipper’s favourite deity.

When Mars is Atmakaraka?

Due to the presence of an Atmakaraka Mars, a person has a strong desire to win every battle. Such a person wants to prove his/her strength in front of everyone. People with an Atmakaraka Mars are great fighters. They gradually realize the futility of war mongering which is their great lesson of life.

What is Atmakaraka and Darakaraka?

The planet which has moved the highest degree within a sign is called Atma karaka. The second highest is called the Amatya karaka. Atma karaka throws more light on the Atma (inner self) of the native. Amatya karaka has to do with the profession of the native.

What is Pitru Karaka?

Putra Karaka – It is planet with the 5th highest degree. It is known as Putra Karaka or Significator of Child. This planet and its position in chart will indicate towards your relation with your Children and their life. Ghatni Karaka – It is planet with the 6th highest degree.

How do you know if Saturn is Yogakaraka?

If Saturn is yogakaraka for a native auspicious results are experienced during Sadesati. If this Saturn transits through Kendra or Trikona from ascendant or the period in operation is that of a yogakaraka planet, results of Sadesati are good and not bad. One of the malefic impact of Saturn is loss of reputation.

Which God is Rahu scared of?

Reasons to be Cautious of Rahu: This is another reason why dislikes the Sun God who is the ruling authority. Rahu constantly creates trouble for others. He is a very violent, secretive, and mysterious planet, who cannot be understood easily. His physical appearance and description are also very fearful.

Is Rahu more powerful than Shani?

Shani Dev is the most powerful, but you Rahu planet is the most powerful of all the planets. Rahu is considered the most powerful planet among other planets, as it has the only power to extract good benefits from other planets. Due to Rahu planet, the sun and moon are eclipsed.

Which is better Rahu or Ketu?

But Rahu is more dangerous to the Moon and Ketu to the Sun. As having the power to overcome the Sun, Ketu must be looked at as the most powerful planet in the chart besides the Sun. Their influence is only a portion of the chart.

How do I know if I have Raj Yog?

According to the position of the planets in your Kundli, you can know whether any of the following Raj Yogas are present in your Kundli or not and if there is any Raj Yoga present in your Kundli, then in the Dasha or Antardasha of the planet forming that Raj Yoga, you will get its good You can get the result, so you …

How is Lakshmi yoga formed?

It is formed when the planet Moon is placed in the 11th house and the planets Mercury and Jupiter are placed in the 5th house. In this situation, a native turns billionaire. It is formed when the planet Jupiter is placed in the 11th house and the planet Sun is positioned in the 5th house.

How can I check my Rajyog in my kundali?

  1. Aries – If Mars and Jupiter are there in the ninth or the tenth house in a kundli then that becomes Raj Yoga karak for Aries ascendants.
  2. Taurus – For Taurus ascendants, the presence of Venus and Saturn in the ninth or the tenth house leads to the formation of Raj Yoga.

What if Venus is Atmakaraka?

With an Atmakaraka Venus, a person should refrain from any sort of illegitimate affairs, lust or sex. He should have a good and clean character. An Atmakaraka Venus can mess things up which are associated with sexuality and relationships. It may also cause sugar problems if it is afflicted.

When Jupiter is Atmakaraka?

A person with an Atmakaraka Jupiter usually has strong principles. The strength of the belief is even more when Jupiter is not afflicted. Such a person is very spiritual throughout his/her life. Natives with strong Jupiter usually have high ideals.

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