How do I save my Aquarius man relationship?

You have to be strong, dynamic, independent and your own person. The best way to keep an Aquarius male is to act as if you want him, love him, but don’t need him and are more than willing to let him go at a moment’s notice. Wanting him too much drives him away. Wanting him just enough is what makes him crazy for you.

How do you get an Aquarius man to chase you again?

  1. 1 Show him your originality.
  2. 2 Wear colorful clothes to draw his eye.
  3. 3 Be a little mysterious.
  4. 4 Give him a challenge.
  5. 5 Have fun and be spontaneous.
  6. 6 Build up your friendship.
  7. 7 Show him your intellectual side.
  8. 8 Support his dreams and aspirations.

How do Aquarius resolve conflict?

Aquarius: Say You Want To Make Peace, But Don’t Push It No matter whose fault it is, an Aquarius is simply not in the mood to get their hands dirty in a fight. Because of how rigid and flighty they may be, it’s best to make your desire to resolve the situation known and then let them come to you when they’re ready.

How do you make an Aquarius miss you?

Aquarius is one of the most intellectual zodiac signs, and therefore one of the best ways to make him miss you and make him feel attracted to you is by appealing to his intellect. Instead of sending him messages about how much you miss him, send him an interesting fact you found out or a link to an academic article.

How do I keep my Aquarius man happy?

  1. 1 Build a strong friendship first.
  2. 2 Be a little mysterious.
  3. 3 Show off your creative side.
  4. 4 Impress him with your intelligence.
  5. 5 Dress in classy, fashionable clothes.
  6. 6 Keep your emotions in check.
  7. 7 Be fun-loving and adventurous.
  8. 8 Share opinions without being confrontational.

How do you know when Aquarius is over you?

If an Aquarius is thinking of breaking up with you, she will likely isolate herself from you to think it over. Notice if she suddenly doesn’t want to spend as much time together. This might mean she’s considering ending the relationship or getting some outside opinions from her friends.

How do you get an Aquarius man to miss you like crazy?

  1. Stay friends.
  2. Start up a conversation.
  3. Try to charm him.
  4. Use the power of nostalgia.
  5. Don’t crowd him.
  6. Limit your availability.
  7. Look and feel your best.
  8. Focus on your own self-growth.

How do you drive an Aquarius man crazy?

  1. 1 Pursue your own hobbies and goals.
  2. 2 Refuse to see anyone as a rival.
  3. 3 Take him on adventures.
  4. 4 Dive into deep topics.
  5. 5 Be a great listener.
  6. 6 Talk about his career goals.
  7. 7 Share the ideals and standards you both hold yourselves to.
  8. 8 Support good habits and his health.

Should I play hard to get with Aquarius man?

Aquarius is one of those people who play hard to get because he’s always hot and cold. First, he’s into you, next he’s feeling smothered — it’s a back and forth kind of thing that never seems to stop with him! He could even be in a serious, long-term relationship and feel like he’s being suffocated by his partner.

How long does an Aquarius stay mad?

In reality, Aquarius hates holding grudges at all. When it comes to doing so, they can hold one for a year or so and only when they feel really hurt. However, they will try to make up with you again after a year or so.

How do Aquarius men show love?

When he falls in love, the Aquarius man stops flirting with other prospective partners and concentrates on his relationship with the woman of his dreams. He wants to be with the person he loves, and he no longer considers flirting a pleasant pastime.

What to do when an Aquarius man breaks up with you?

If something you did contributed to the breakup, try giving him a heartfelt apology. Aquarians are always looking for ways to bring peace to the world, so he’ll likely forgive you and want to make amends. Apologize to him in person, over text, or even with a handwritten letter.

Should I leave Aquarius man alone?

Being guarded, it can be difficult to reach an Aquarius man. He may be distancing himself from you unintentionally, and, in the process, ignoring you. After leaving him alone for a couple of days, extend the olive branch and reach out to him. You don’t need to make him jealous, just remind him what he’s missing.

How do you get an Aquarius to stop ignoring you?

  1. Don’t text him again.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Do something else.
  4. Throw away your phone.
  5. Don’t try to control or push an Aquarius to do something.
  6. Mind your own business.
  7. Watch his words and actions next.
  8. Don’t be needy or desperate.

How do you beat an Aquarius at his own game?

  1. 1 Read up on many subjects.
  2. 2 Beat him at debates.
  3. 3 Be outspoken and call him out.
  4. 4 Show off a new side of your personality.
  5. 5 Dress up and steal the show from him.
  6. 6 Charm everyone in the room.
  7. 7 Shock him with a big romantic gesture.

How do Aquarius show their love?

Aquarius can be pretty selective about who they date, as there has to be something unique about the other person to catch their eye. Aquarius only wants to spend their time with people who have interesting things to say, and they’re attracted to wit and intelligence in a partner.

How do you know if a Aquarius man loves you?

He can be quite a loyal lover. So, if an Aquarius man is in love with you, he will have his eyes set only on you and won’t flirt with other potential partners. He would spend quality time with you and give you all the attention.

What physically attracts an Aquarius man?

Ultimately, Aquarians are attracted to those who love themselves. The best way you can get him to notice you is by being yourself. Your smile and energy are contagious, and he’s blind if he doesn’t notice just how amazing you are.

How do you know when an Aquarius man is losing interest?

Aquarian men love to prod and analyze in conversation, even during small talk, so something is off if he’s not doing that. His refusal to dive deep is a significant indicator of his lack of interest. He’ll likely be physically closed off, too.

Do Aquarius go back to their exes?

Do Aquarius guys ever come back after a breakup? The short answer is: yes. Aquarian men will come back to a relationship when it suits them to. Their hot and cold persona can have them changing their minds on a whim.

How does Aquarius deal with heartbreak?

As the ultimate freedom-seeker of the zodiac, Aquarius tend to do just fine after a breakup. This progressive sign is always looking towards the future. They’re more logical than emotional, so you’ll rarely ever see them crying over an ex.

How do you get an Aquarius man back after no contact?

  1. Give him some space.
  2. Focus on your health and passions.
  3. Reinvent something about yourself.
  4. Minimize the drama.
  5. Engage him with intelligent conversations.
  6. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident.
  7. Be his friend first.
  8. Tell him what you want in a logical manner.

What does Aquarius like in a woman?

Regarded as the philosopher of the zodiac, Aquarius men are drawn to women who think in unconventional ways. They are attracted to women who are intelligent, witty, and insightful. They want someone who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Is Aquarius loyal in relationships?

Aquarius is a loyal lover, though they do need to be constantly intellectually stimulated in order to stick around. They aren’t interested in deliberately hurting someone, so you don’t need to worry about a wandering eye. That said, they do need independence.

What happens if you ignore an Aquarius?

How does an Aquarius feel when ignored? An Aquarius man will usually feel very hurt if he has been ignored. He likes to be the center of attention in a relationship, so ignoring an Aquarius can be a dangerous game to play if you are dating him.

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