Is there any special on October 1st?

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International Day of the Older Persons is observed on 1 October every year to raise problems faced by elder persons and to promote the development of a society for all ages.

How do you write October 1st?

The 1st day of the month October, in the year 2019 , might be written in full (in order of complexity): 1 Oct. 1 October 2019.

What happened in history on October 1st?

1 Oct, 1946 Germany War Crimes 1946 : Twelve high ranking Nazis are sentenced to death by the International War Crimes Tribunal in Nuremberg including Joachim von Ribbentrop, Nazi minister of foreign affairs. Hermann Goering, founder of the Gestapo and chief of the German air force.

Which international day is today?

International Day of Charity – September 5, 2022 The International Day of Charity was recognized annually on 5th September.

Did you know facts about October?

  • The name for the month of October originates from the Latin word “octō”, which means “eight”.
  • Every year, October ends on the same day as February.
  • The Anglo-Saxons called October “Winterfylleth” — it means “fullness of winter”.
  • The birthstones for October are the tourmaline and the opal.

Do you say in October or on October?

If it is a specific date it is (e.g.) on October 15th. If it is the month only it’s in October. If it is a specific date it is (e.g.) on October 15th.

What is the correct way to write the date?

The international standard recommends writing the date as year, then month, then the day: YYYY-MM-DD. So if both Australians and Americans used this, they would both write the date as 2019-02-03. Writing the date this way avoids confusion by placing the year first.

How do you put th on a date?

What important things happened in October?

There’s a day to express your love for your hair — National Hair Day on October 1. NuMe, a hair products company, created this day for people to celebrate hair styling tools and other hair products. Since ancient times women have been obsessed with their hair.

What happened October 1st 2005?


What is the Chinese holiday on October 1?

National Day, holiday celebrated on October 1 to mark the formation of the People’s Republic of China. The holiday is also celebrated by China’s two special administrative regions: Hong Kong and Macau.

Is today National Hair day?

U.S. National Boyfriend Day falls on October 3. It’s a day to let your boyfriend know how much he means to you. National Boyfriend Day reminds everyone with a boyfriend to take special notice of that special someone and how they make your life better.

What National Day is it on October 2?

October National Health Observances: Health Literacy, Breast Cancer, and Health Care Quality! Each month we feature select National Health Observances (NHOs) that align with our mission to improve health across the United States.

Is National Boyfriend Day Real?

It was initially the eighth month of the 10 month year. October is from the Latin octo, which means “eight”. The number “eight” is said to be a symbol of wealth, prosperity, peace and fertility. October is normally time of the year when farmers harvest their crops.

What day is short girl day?

Where is National Short Girl Day observed? National Short Girl Appreciation Day is an American national holiday observed annually on December 21.

What famous person has a birthday in October?

  • October 1. Zach Galifianakis. Julie Andrews.
  • October 2. Camilla Belle. Sting.
  • October 3. Tessa Thompson. Lena Headey.
  • October 4. Dakota Johnson. Susan Sarandon.
  • October 5. Jesse Eisenberg. Kate Winslet.
  • October 6. Elisabeth Shue. Ioan Gruffudd.
  • October 7. Thom Yorke. Simon Cowell.
  • October 8. Matt Damon. Paul Hogan.

What is the awareness for October?

English speakers use in to refer to a general, longer period of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries. For example, we say “in April,” “in 2015” or “in the 21st century.” Moving to shorter, more specific periods of time, we use on to talk about particular days, dates, and holidays .

What does the month of October symbolize?


Is it in or on for dates?

“On” is a very particular preposition of time, that is only used with specific days, dates or named days. For instance, you would use “on” to refer to a calendar date, a day of the week, or a special day that can be named by its significance, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Is it in or on for month and year?

When writing a date, a comma is used to separate the day from the month, and the date from the year. July 4, 1776, was an important day in American history. I was born on Sunday, May 12, 1968. But if you’re writing the date in day-month-year format, you don’t need a comma.

Do we use on for dates?

For example: Today is Saturday, September 25, 2019. I was born on Tuesday, August 11, 1995.

How do you write date and day in a sentence?

Documents with an international audience, including the Canadian passport, use the day-month-year format. The date is sometimes written out in words, especially in formal documents such as contracts and invitations, following spoken forms: “… on this the seventh day of January, two thousand and sixteen …”

How do you write a date in a sentence give an example?

21st, 31st, 41st, etc. all use -st like 1st. 22nd, 32nd, 42nd, etc. all use -nd like 2nd. 23rd, 33rd, 43rd, etc.

Does Canada do month day year?

The reason for that is because we tend to write things in the same manner we pronounce or hear them. That’s why most would write January 1st or December 25th, 2016 using the ‘st’ after the 1, or ‘th’ after the 25. But the truth is that you don’t need to use ordinal numbers when writing these dates.

What is correct 31st or 31th?

1. The beauty of the changing leaves. Every year, nature puts on the ultimate show as the leaves change color. There’s no better month of the year than October to enjoy the vibrant colors of the leaves, whether you take a scenic drive or head off for a proper weekend vacation to get the full effect of the Fall foliage.

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