Was the 3rd of June Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day?

Music fans know the importance of Friday. “It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day.” That is the opening line of one of music’s most discussed, examined and appreciated songs — “Ode to Billie Joe,” written and performed by Bobbie Gentry, who was born in Mississippi’s Chickasaw County.

Why did Billie Joe Mcallister jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge?

“This boy’s death did not get his neighbors involved,” she explained at the time. She explained that the object thrown off the bridge was just a way to establish motivation for Billie Joe’s suicide. “I left it open so the listener could draw his own conclusion.”

Is Ode to Billy Joe a true story?

is based on a true story. Tallahatchie Bridge that day in 1966.

Does Netflix have Ode to Billy Joe?

Rent Ode to Billy Joe (1976) on DVD and Blu-ray – DVD Netflix.

Why is Bobbie Gentry so rich?

She was one of the original owners of the NBA’s Phoenix suns, owns tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate (mainly in California) and earned more than $3 million in royalties when Reb McEntire covered her song Fancy.

Did Bobbie Gentry disappear?

On April 29, 1982, Gentry (then age 39) vanished. There was no farewell tour, final album or note about her plans — the “Ode to Billie Joe” singer just quietly canceled all upcoming appearances and never stepped into the spotlight again.

What is the meaning behind Ode to Billy Joe?

The song takes the form of a first-person narrative performed over sparse acoustic guitar accompaniment with strings in the background. It tells of a rural Mississippi family’s reaction to the news of the suicide of Billie Joe McAllister, a local boy to whom the daughter (and narrator) is connected.

What did Billy Joe throw off the bridge in the song?

They seem like arbitrary inventions of the filmmakers, but they’re the closest thing the song has to an official “solution”: In the movie, Billy Joe tosses his girlfriend Bobbie Lee’s rag doll off the bridge and jumps the following day, tormented by uncertainty over his sexual identity.

Who really wrote Ode to Billy Joe?

“Ode to Billie Joe,” written and recorded by Bobbie Gentry in 1967, is an elegy that became a hit in many countries, knocking “All You Need Is Love” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” out of the number one spot on the charts.

Is there really a Choctaw Ridge?

Choctaw Ridge is a ridge in Mississippi and has an elevation of 440 feet. Choctaw Ridge is situated nearby to Old Carlson Church.

Where is the Tallahassee bridge?

Greenwood, Mississippi: Tallahatchie Bridge The bridge that Billie Joe McAlister jumped off of was elsewhere, and it collapsed in 1972. In 2016 Greenwood erected this marker to hometown singer/songwriter Bobbie Gentry, and stuck it next to a bridge.

What channel can I watch Ode to Billy Joe on?

Ode to Billy Joe, a lgbtq movie starring Robby Benson, Glynnis O’Connor, and Joan Hotchkis is available to stream now. Watch it on Vudu Movie & TV Store, Prime Video, VUDU or Apple TV on your Roku device.

What happened to Billy Joe in the movie Ode to Billy Joe?

Bobbie Gentry’s famous song, on which “Ode to Billy Joe” is based, found much of its haunting effect in its refusal to reveal why Billy Joe killed himself. His death was seen as sad, and long ago, and unnecessary, and the singer recalled it as a key event in an unhappy time.

Where did Billy Joe McAllister jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge?

June 3 marks an iconic date in the country music world. On this date, Billie Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge in Leflore County and a song was made in his memory. The song was recorded by Bobbie Gentry, who was born in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

What is Dolly Parton worth?

That self-confidence has paved her way to financial success. In August 2021, Forbes estimated the singer-songwriter’s net worth at $350 million. Parton has notably donated millions of dollars over the years, to causes like education, animal preservation and Covid-19 vaccine research.

How much did Reba make on Reba?

McEntire’s salary was a fraction of the $100,000-per-episode her co-stars earned, according to The Wall Street Journal. After the end of Reba, the redhead did not have any more major big- or small-screen debuts until 2012, when she played the lead in the short-run TV series Malibu Country.

What kind of guitar did Bobbie Gentry play?

Martin 5-18 Terz Guitar Bobbie Gentry’s main guitar, used in performances and even featured on album covers, was the Martin 5-18.

Where does Bobbie Gentry live today?

She was 39 years old. Since that time, she has not recorded, performed or been interviewed. One 2016 news report stated that Gentry lives in a gated community near Memphis, Tennessee. According to another, Gentry lives in a gated community in Los Angeles.

Is Ode to Billy Joe about abortion?

The relationship would have been “taboo” during the setting of the song in the Mississippi Delta. The relationship was kept secret…the singer became pregnant, and they decided that the only option was an abortion. So they met on the bridge where they had met many times before and they threw the fetus into the water.

Where is Choctaw Ridge Mississippi?

Map and location information for Choctaw Ridge in Mississippi: Choctaw Ridge is one of the Ridge in Webster County, MS and can be found on the Mantee USGS topographic quad map. The GPS coordinates are 33.6542854 (latitude), -89.0958965 (longitude) and the approximate elevation is 433 feet (132 meters) above sea level.

Did Billy Joe jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge?

As a family talks about the death of their neighbor Billie, the song juxtaposes the severity of death with the lighthearted nature of a casual dinner conversation. “Today, Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge. And papa said to mama, as he passed around the blackeyed peas.

Is Choctaw Native American?

Choctaws are Native Americans who traditionally lived in what today is part of the southeastern United States.

What does the word Tallahatchie mean?

Tallahatchie is a Choctaw name meaning “rock of waters.” The sources of the Tallahatchie River have outcrops of iron sandstone. As part of the Flood Control Act of 1936, the federal government built an earth-filled flood control dam on the Tallahatchie near the town of Sardis, Mississippi, creating Sardis Lake.

What county is Choctaw Ridge in?

There is a Carroll County, as mentioned, in Mississippi, and a Choctaw Ridge.

Does the Tallahatchie River have alligators?

They caught the gator on the Tallahatchie River. Two local couples have filled one of two gator tags they were issued for the 2022 Mississippi alligator harvesting season, which closes at noon Sept.

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