What is Pushkara?

In Hindu theology Pushkara was the brother of Nala to whom Nala lost his kingdom and all that he possessed in gambling.

Is Pushkar navamsa good?

No pushkar navamsa fall in sign of sun,mars and Saturn who are hard planets. Now about this, post planet in this navamsa are said to be purva punya, auspicious In nature and spiritual planet in their results. According to karaktatwa they will give auspicious result. Quality of planet is enhanced in pushkar navamsa.

What is Pushkar in Vedic astrology?

Pushkar means ‘to nourish’. Essentially a part of the zodiac where, if there are planets placed, they get more power. If you have your Vedic software with you, check if you have any planets or the exact ascendent degree, placed in these Pushakar zones.

How is 64th Navamsha calculated?

Can Rahu be Vargottama?

Rahu is Vargottama in Gemini but in the 12th in Punarvasu (3) owned by Jupiter. Mercury, the planet ruling Gemini Rasi and Gemini Navamsa has a dual influence on Rahu. The Nakshatra lord Jupiter would also have an impact on such Vargottama Rahu.

What is Vargottama planet?

Vargottama Planet literally means a planet which is in same position in most of the main 4 charts (Lagna Chart, Navamsha Chart, Dashamsha Chart & Saptamsha Chart). So, a planet which is in same sign in Lagna Chart and all the 3 main Varga (Divisional) Charts as stated above is called Vargottama Planet.

What is Bhavottama?

Originally Answered: What is meant by bhavottama in astrology? Bhava means house and uttama means best, when a house becomes the best with position of favourable planets or through good aspects, it is termed as Bhavottama.

Where can I find Atmakaraka in navamsa?

First take the house placement of the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa chart. Then, count the number of signs from its position to the Navamsa Lagna. Then, count the number of signs from its position to the Navamsa Lagna. The house arrived at gives the results of the Atmakaraka’s house position.

What is navamsa in Vedic astrology?

Definition. In Vedic astrology, Navamsa means one-ninth part of a Zodiac Sign. Navamsa literally means the “Ninth Division”. Thus, each navamsa measures 3 degrees and 20 minutes in longitude or one-quarter of a Nakshatra (Constellation), and the Zodiac of Signs comprises 108 navamsas.

How do you read a d9 chart Astrosaxena?

Like, if someone has Sun in Sravana Nakshatra, Pada 4, it should go into the house where Cancer falls in D-9. If Mercury is in Sravana Nakshatra Pada 3, it should go into the house where Gemini falls in D-9. Out of all D-charts, the calculation of D-9 and its making is simplest.

What is Rasi Tulya Navamsa?

How is Ardra Nakshatra?

Rasi tulya navansh is one of the techniques discussed in Dev-Keralam and also in books of C.S Patel Sahab. Sun in different houses in D-9 and when it gets activated has been explained in some houses in this particular video.

How do I study for a D9 chart?

Ardra Nakshatra in Astrology Ardra Nakshatra ranges from 6:40 –20 in Gemini zodiac sign and is characterized by a Teardrop. Ardra Nakshatra means moist or wet and these natives are soft, stable, strong, sacrifice a lot to earn, and are prone to sickness, fear and anger.

How do you read a Drekkana chart?

It should be read by interlinking clues placed in both D1 birth chart and D9 Navamsa chart. The D9 Navamsa Chart Ruler is Venus therefore, you should find out where Venus is placed in the D9 Chart as well as D1 chart. Check the Atmakaraka Planet of your D1 Chart and Check it’s position in D9 chart.

How is Rahu degree calculated?

Drekkana is one third equal part of a sign (Rasi) or 1/36 part of the Zodiac; the first part is ruled by the lord of the very sign that is referred to, the second part is ruled by the lord of the 5th sign from that sign and the third part is ruled by the lord of the 9th sign from the sign in question.

Which lagna is most powerful?

Rahu has 5.40 degrees to cover in Leo = 5.40 degrees. Then 30 degrees each of Leo to Aries, means 9 signs in total = 30 x 9 = 270 degrees. Then 13.45 degrees of Taurus where Moon is sitting = 13.45 degrees. So, the distance between Rahu & Moon is 5.40 + 270 + 13.45 = 289.25 degrees.

What happens when Rahu is Vargottama?

Udaya lagna – The Most Effective Point.

How do you know if Rahu is Benefic or malefic?

Vargottama means the Rahu is in the same sign as in D1 and the D9. It shows that What the destiny wants you from physical plane , Same is desired by your soul in mental plane,too.

Is Vargottama planet powerful?

It always travels in retrograde motion and in general, Rahu is benefic if placed in 1st, 3rd, 6th, 11th houses from ascendant. It is also good is placed in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius signs. Rahu in Virgo can give knowledge or education in medicine.

What is Pushkara Navamsa?

On a normal rule, a planet placed in the same sign in the Lagna Chart and in the Navamsa or in the same house in both Lagna and Navamsa charts, it is called as Vargottama. This is the most powerful status any planet can have.

How do I check my Vargottama?

There are about 24 navamsha or nakshatra quarters out of 108 navamsas which are considered as Pushkara navamsa. Pushkara in Samskrit means blue lotus and lake. It also means ‘one who nourishes’. It is a special point in the navamsa chart which nourishes the planets in it.

What is the difference between D1 and D9 chart?

In simpler terms follow two simple steps: Check to see if a planet is located in same astrological sign in main chart and navamsha chart. Check when the vimshottari dasha period of that planet starts and end. The concerned number of years are known as vargottama period.

What is bhava Vargottama?

D1 is the natal chart that’s more popularly known as the birth chart. This chart contains all the 12 Houses, 12 Zodiac signs, and 9 planets. Which means, it gives a 360° view of a person’s life. D9 chart, on the other hand, is a deeper analysis of 1 zodiac sign in the birth chart.

How do you read a D1 chart?

When a planet occupies same rashi in D-1 & D-9 it is termed as Vargottam planet. It enhances the good results of the house occupied.. Bhovottama planet enhances the good effect of Varga chart as a whole. Planet(s) become both Bhava and Sign Vargottama and all the houses of two Vargas become Sign Vargottama.

Which planet is best as Atmakaraka?

  • Rahu.
  • Ketu.
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