What is special about July 23rd?

July 23rd marks the 204th day in the Gregorian calendar. In 1829, William Burt patented the first typewriter.

What National Day is today July 23?


What happened July 23rd 2006?

Two Israeli civilians are killed by Hezbollah rocket attacks on Haifa. More than 2200 rockets have been fired at Israeli cities since the beginning of the conflict, killing 17 Israelis, all of them civilians. 20 Israeli soldiers were killed in other incidents.

What is celebrated on July 24?

It marks National Tequila Day, National Drive-Thru Day and National Cousins Day. We have 15 holidays listed for July 24.

Which special day is today?

Ganesh Chaturthi A ten day festival, held to honor the Hindu god of intelligence, Ganesha.

What was invented on July 23?

On July 23, 1904, according to some accounts, Charles E. Menches conceived the idea of filling a pastry cone with two scoops of ice cream and thereby invented the ice cream cone.

What special days are in July?

The important days and dates in the month of July include World Population Day, National Doctor’s Day, National Youth Day, World Day for International Justice, International Nelson Mandela Day, and Chandrayaan 2 Launching date, among others.

What is July known for?

  • July 1 is Canada Day, a Canadian federal holiday that celebrates the creation of the Dominion of Canada in 1867.
  • July 3 brings the start of the hot and sultry Dog Days of Summer!
  • July 4 is Independence Day (U.S.).

What is July month awareness?

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is observed each July to bring awareness to the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minority communities face regarding mental illness in the United States.

What happened on 23rd July 2011?

9.10am: This is David Batty bringing you the latest on the twin attacks in Norway yesterday in which at least 91 people have been confirmed killed.

Is July 25 a special day?

National Wine and Cheese Day and National Hot Fudge Sundae Day are celebrated on the 25th.

What National day is July 22nd?


What is June 24th National day?

NATIONAL PRALINES DAY – June 24 On June 24th, National Pralines Day honors a confection made from nuts (whether in whole pieces or ground) and sugar syrup.

Is there a national crush day?

National Crush Day is September 27 world-wide.

What is international girlfriend day?

On August 1st, National Girlfriends Day encourages women across the U.S. to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship.

What friendship day is today?

Annually, the first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. This year, it falls on August 7. Interestingly, while the United Nations declared July 30 as International Friendship Day this year, India will continue to celebrate it on the first Sunday of August.

What happened on the 23 July 2010?

Death of Ian Tomlinson: The family of Ian Tomlinson, filmed being pushed to his death by police while walking home from work past the 2009 G-20 London summit protests, say the incident is being covered up by authorities. (The Independent)

What happened July 23rd 1862?

July 23 – American Civil War: Henry Halleck takes command of the Union Army. August 5 – American Civil War: Battle of Baton Rouge – Along the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Confederate troops drive Union forces back into the city.

Is July a national month?

July is National grilling month, which fits right in, since we often have barbecues to celebrate with friends this month. It is also National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month and National Picnic Month. On the medical front, July is National Fragile X Awareness Month.

What is July named after?

July and August were named after two major figures of the ancient Roman world – the statesman Julius Caesar (on the left above, slightly damaged!) and Rome’s first emperor, Augustus.

How did July get its name?

July, seventh month of the Gregorian calendar. It was named after Julius Caesar in 44 bce. Its original name was Quintilis, Latin for the “fifth month,” indicating its position in the early Roman calendar.

What is a fun fact about July?

July was named after the famous Roman general Julius Caesar by the Roman senate as it was the month he was born in. Julius Caesar was a successful military general and statesman who changed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

What each month is known for?

  • February: Black History Month.
  • March: Women’s History Month.
  • April: Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Month.
  • May: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
  • June: Pride Month.
  • July: Disability Pride Month.
  • September: Latinx Heritage Month.
  • October: LGBTQ+ History Month.

What mental health awareness is July?

July was designated as Minority Mental Health Awareness Month to bring awareness to the unique struggles that minority groups face regarding mental illness. Mental health conditions do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, or identity.

What color is mental health awareness?

The green ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness. Wear a green ribbon to show colleagues, loved ones or simply those you walk past that you care about their mental health. It can also be worn in memory of a loved one.

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