Where is Saturn’s directional strength?

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Saturn: Saturn gets it directional strength in the west or in the seventh house. Saturn generally delays marriage but when positioned in the seventh house it will lead to a good marriage. It will make a person organized, hardworking and dutiful.

Which planet is responsible for direction?

All the nine planets have a direction assigned to itself and it rules over that direction. East is ruled by Sun, south-east by Venus, south by Mars, south-west by Rahu, west by Saturn, north-west by Moon, north by Mercury and the northeast by Jupiter and Ketu.

How do you know if a planet is strong or weak in astrology?

  • When the planet is in its debilitation sign.
  • The planet is in a sign that is a great enemy sign.
  • When the planet has low Vimsopaka Bala.
  • When the planet is in a bad Shastiamsha.
  • Planet is weak in Mrityubhaga.
  • The planet is in conjunction or under the aspect of a natural malefic.

What is Shadbala strength?

As the name suggests Shadbala means six fold strength. Although these strengths are combinedly used for finding the effect of planets on the lives of the natives, there is more use of the strengths and we get the clue of those uses from their names.

Is Saturn strong in 7th house?

A strong Saturn in 7th house makes the natives work hard without getting frustrated. The natives are mentally very strong. Saturn in 7th house natives takes their commitment (towards work and in general too) very seriously. The natives do not backstab other people, EVER!

Which lagna is most powerful?

Udaya lagna – The Most Effective Point.

Which planet is responsible for mental stress?

Moon with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu can give rise to depression. Debilitated Moon, Mercury and Jupiter can cause a mental imbalance. Moon sitting in conjunction with Saturn makes a person’s mind heavy. Saturn is fear and limitation.

Which planet is responsible for low confidence?

Mercury reflects the confidence level and excellent communication skills and hence it should strengthen to increase your confidence. You must feed grass to cows or feed crow or dog on Wednesday to strengthen your Mercury.

Which planet is responsible for laziness?

Rahu is known to confer malefic effects in general and is considered as a planet which induces laziness, delays, and hurdles in work. Rahu is known to reflect its shadow for 18 months in a zodiac.

Which house is more powerful in astrology?

Most important in horoscope, say the 10th house, the house for career and profession may assume greater importance in a male’s horoscope as compared to female. Though over time, this 10th house has started playing an equal important role in a female’s horoscope also.

What is a strong Venus placement?

Venus may be strong or very strong in Taurus, Libra and Pisces; depending on its nakshatra and navamsha placements within these signs. It may have significant strength or it may be strong in Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius; depending on its nakshatra and navamsha placements within these signs.

How can I check my Shadbala status?

What is a good Ashtakavarga score?

After evaluating the dots or scores, the total Ashtakavarga points between 18 to 25 or 19 to 26are considered to be average. Points above 25-26 are likely to bring positive effects and influences for the natives.

What is Bhava Bala?

Tag: bhava bala Bala means strength. Hence Shadbala means six fold strength.

What happens if Saturn is in 7th house?

According to Vedic astrology, placement of Saturn in the seventh house bestows the natives with power, wisdom, knowledge and leadership qualities. The natives of Saturn in the 7th house may have blissful and happy married life. In fact, the natives with this placement get the life partner of their choice.

How do we judge the strength of the planets?

  1. Ascendant Lord.
  2. The specific placement of planets in signs or rashis.
  3. Planets occupying specific Nakshatras.
  4. Placement of planets in different houses.
  5. Planets occupying different positions in Navamsha.
  6. Malefic and benefic effects in aspects or conjunctions.

How is Lagna strength calculated?

(1) Lagna Lord in angles, trines and aspecting the Lagna are strong. It should be well placed by sign and by Nkshatra. (2) Its dispositors both by sign and Nakshatras must be strong. Criteria use for each of the two dispositors is the same as that for Lagna Lord.

What kind of spouse Saturn gives?

If Saturn influences 7th or 7th lord, wife will be ordinary, older in age and of weak constitution. Such a Saturn also delays marriage of native. Rahu and Ketu influencing 7th may give sickly, irritating and ordinary wife. There may be temperamental differences with wife.

In which house Saturn is exalted?

Saturn rules the eleventh and twelfth house, and it is placed in the eighth house. If such exalted Saturn is influenced by malefic planets, and/or an overall malefic horoscope, the native may witness various types of problems related to or through his friends and/or lifespan.

Does Saturn in 7th house cause divorce?

Saturn also induces circumstantial or judicial division or separate life between husband and wife in the 7th house. Especially if Mars (and sometimes Jupiter too, where more legal reasons are involved) offers a helping hand to Saturn in this name, this will eventually lead to divorce.

Which planet give money?

This is the reason why Venus is considered a wealth-giving planet. In kal purush kundli, Venus rules the second and seventh houses (houses showing benefits gained through wealth and business) and thus gives monetary benefits and financial prosperity to the native.

Which Nakshatra is best for wealth?

  • Rahu, Venus, Mars and Saturn combining in Virgo (Kanya) sign give immense wealth.
  • The Sun in a kendra in a friendly Navamsa and aspected by the Moon and Jupiter makes one very rich and learned.

Which Lagna is good for marriage?

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces are best lagnas for marriage. Jupiter or Venus should be in lagna or aspecting it(the best possible time). All evil planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Sun, Mars should be avoided placement or aspect on 7th house.

Which planet is responsible for sharp mind?

Mercury is the planet of the mind—it rules how we make sense of the world and our place in it.

Which planet controls nervous system?

Mercury: Nervous system, skin, face, thyroid. It has a direct influence over mental disorders, ear problems, etc.

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