Why did the astrologer advice to the stranger?

1. The astrologer advises the stranger to go home for self protection. He recognizes the stranger as man he tried to kill after a drunken quarrel in the past. To protect himself, he advises the stranger to go home immediately.

What did the astrologer asked the stranger?

the astrologer asked the stranger to to remain in his village for ever.

What answer did the astrologer give Ko ai?

7. What answer did the astrologer give Ko-ai? A. The astrologer told Ko-ai that for her father to succeed to do the impossible with gold, silver and bras, the blood of a maiden had to be mingled with the molten metals.

How did the astrologer feel in the presence of the stranger?

He was the astrologer’s enemy and he was in search of him. So he felt very uncomfortable in his presence.

What details does the astrologer gave the stranger about his past?

What details does the astrologer give the stranger about his past? Answer: The astrologer tells the stranger that he was stabbed by a knife and thrown into a well to die, and some passers-by saw him and saved from dying.

Who was the guru Nayak?

Guru Nanak, (born April 15, 1469, Rai Bhoi di Talvandi [now Nankana Sahib, Pakistan], near Lahore, India—died 1539, Kartarpur, Punjab), Indian spiritual teacher who was the first Guru of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion that combines Hindu and Muslim influences.

How is the astrologer in the story?

Although he had no knowledge of stars or universe, still he used to sit under the tamarind tree and foretold the future of the people. He was very witty and used his knowledge of basic human tendencies and psychology to tell the future of the people.

What was the stranger Guru Nayak searching for?

Solution : Guru Nayak is the man whom the astrologer tried to murder several years before the story takes place. Very little is said about Guru Nayak other than that he has left his village and gone searching for the man who tried to kill him so that he can strangle him to death.

What was the name of the stranger who came to see the astrologer?

The astrologer knew the name of the stranger as Guru Nayak, because A) he guessed his name B) Guru Nayak told his name. D) he had quarreled with him and stabbed him long ago.

How can I become astrologer after 12th?

Just like other master’s degree arts courses, M.Sc. in Astrology is also a 2-year full-time course. In India, there are many institutions, colleges, and universities in India that offer full-time study in this course. But, to get admissions in this course, students are required to complete the admission criteria.

Who is the first astrologer in India?

The sage Bhirgu is also called the ‘Father of Hindu Astrology’, and is one of the venerated Saptarishi or seven Vedic sages.

What is the moral of the story an astrologer’s Day?

Answer: The moral of “An Astrologer’s Day” seems to relate to the fact that the protagonist does not rely on the hocus-pocus of the pseudo-science of astrology with its useless paraphernalia, but on his own perception, intuition, and practical experience. If he knew more about astrology, he would be handicapped.

What kind of man was the astrologer?

The astrologer was a cunning man. For a nominal price, he listens to people’s concerns and delivers what appears to be wise advice, cloaking his common sense and manipulations in astrological jargon.

How did the astrologer know guru Nayak?

The stranger agreed to give him eight annas provided his answers were true. The stranger lighted a match to light his cigar while the Astrologer sent up a prayer to Heaven. In the light of match-stick the Astrologer saw the stranger’s face. He was Guru Nayak.

How did the astrologer pass his life at the new place?

He was killed by a lorry. The astrologer convinces Guru Nayak that his attacker is indeed dead. With this information, Guru Nayak is satisfied and pays the astrologer for this information. Later that evening, the astrologer goes home and shares the whole story with his wife.

How did he give his face the look of an astrologer Class 11?

He looked like an astrologer because he had rubbed pious dust and vermilion on his forehead a saffron coloured turban on his head dark and long whiskers with all the equipments of an astrologer spread before him.

What is the setting of an astrologer day?

“The Astrologer’s Day” is a short story which deals with a day in the life of an ordinary but fake astrologer. The setting of the story is a town, Malgudi which is located in South India, near to Madras. It is not a story of contemporary times but pre – independence times. The story opens at the midday.

Who wrote an astrologer’s Day?

An Astrologer’s Day is a thriller, suspense short story by author R. K. Narayan. While it had been published earlier, it was the titular story of Narayan’s fourth collection of short stories published in 1947 by Indian Thought Publications.

Who is the main character in an astrologer’s Day?

The two main characters of the story are the astrologer, who is not given a name, and Guru Nayak, the client who turns out to be a former victim, now on a quest for revenge.

How does the astrologer save his life?

The astrologer succeeds in saving his own life by convincing Guru Nayak that the man he sought was dead, being crushed under a lorry. As the other lit a cheroot, the astrologer caught a glimpse of his face by the matchlight. How does the author characterize Guru Nayak in the story?

What does astrologer look like?

Answer: The astrologer had an appearance that suited his profession. His forehead was resplendent with sacred ash and vermilion and his eyes sparkled with a sharp, abnormal gleam which was really the outcome of a continued search for customers. … He was as much a stranger to the stars as were his innocent customers.

How do you describe astrologer?

An astrologer is a person who uses astrology to try to tell you things about your character and your future.

Where did the astrologer sit everyday?

The astrologer usually begins his day’s business at noon or midday, as the story goes. According to the text, the astrologer is always punctual; this means that, at exactly the same time each day, customers can expect to find him sitting underneath the huge tamarind tree at Town Hall Park.

What happened to Guru Nayak?

Shortly after proclaiming his successor, Guru Nanak died on 22 September 1539 in Kartarpur, at the age of 70. According to Sikh hagiography, Guru Nanak’s body was never found.

What happened to Guru Naik?

Noted Marathi storyteller Gurunath Naik, who authored more than 1,200 books including several mystery novels, died after a prolonged illness here in Maharashtra, family sources said on Thursday. He was 84. Naik, who was a native of Goa, breathed his last at a hospital in Pune on Wednesday evening, the sources said.

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